Reclaim Postpartum You: 6-week series

wednesdays, jan. 23rd - Feb. 27th from 12:45-2:15pm |$150 (early bird $120 before jan. 9th)

with Sarah de poray

Sarah de Poray

Sarah de Poray

Feel like you don't recognize your body after you've had babies? Things just don't seem to look or feel like they did pre-pregnancy? Any leaking, pain or discomfort when you sit, stand, exercise of have sex? It's time to understand your postpartum body, and then learn how to move better and stronger.

In order to get to where you want to go, you have to understand where you are and move forward from there. Over these 6 weeks, we will discuss postpartum pelvic health, posture, useful movement, and mindfulness in your postpartum recovery. Moms of all ages and stages are welcome! (Babies are welcome too!)