What is Pilates?

Hamstring stretch - Pilates at Amma Yoga in Kitchener

Our habitual posture and movements can be the very crux of our ability to enjoy life to the fullest. In Manuela’s Pilates classes, you will learn alignment-based exercises that are fundamental to everyday movements. Build deep core strength that provides the building blocks for strong postural support and get to the root cause of your pain or restriction. Learn tools to re-train your body to move the way it is meant to, naturally. It is not necessary to isolate the core in order to work the core!  How we align and how each of our joints moves is a much better indicator of how our core and body are functioning.

Our morning Pilates classes are done in a slow, methodical style, to help incorporate the functional aspects into your daily life. We focus on body awareness in order to retrain faulty movement patterns that may exist. The exercises are simple and can be built on as people need more challenge. Exercises are performed in various positions such as standing, kneeling or lying down. The exercises target muscles and bones as well as the nervous system, which is our body’s messaging system. All levels are welcome.

For those looking for a faster, more invigorating class, come to Power Pilates on Wednesday afternoons from 11:30-12:30. The Wednesday evening 7-8pm class is also a bit stronger, and Saturdays from 12-1pm is somewhere in the middle.

ELDOA with Manuela Soares at Amma Yoga in Kitchener-Waterloo

Manuela Soares’ non-traditional, intuitive style to teaching comes from many years of experience and learning what makes different people tick. Her "one-size does not fit all” approach helps each individual discover for themselves how to make self-adjustments and guide their own bodies to a comfortable, non-pain place. Self-discovery and self-learning happens for everyone differently. Manuela has been working in the fitness industry since 2002 and is passionate about holistic well-being. Every day she sees people limited by pain or movement restriction, usually due to injury or habitual improper movement or posture. Her breadth of experience in mindful and functional movement helps students regain control of their lives and prepare for a strong future. Her classes encompass alignment-based exercises, which come from a variety of methods including Pilates, strength training, Feldenkrais, and ELDOA techniques, with personalized attention to help her students optimize their movement.