Mom and Baby Yoga


Taking care of moms was the original inspiration for Amma Yoga. What if there was a space where everyone’s needs could be met, with good coffee and conversation and things to entertain the little ones while you chat? When you have a baby, sometimes just getting out of the house is an accomplishment. We want to give you somewhere to go, somewhere you can bring your baby, where you can do something to nurture yourself. All our classes are drop-in, and we try to stagger the start times to accommodate different nap rhythms. Check out the current weekly schedule here.

Mom & Baby Yoga: This class is for you, mama. Ease the aches and build strength to rise to the new challenges of caring for this little baby. Designed to nurture and energize you from around 6 weeks postpartum until your baby is crawling all over the place (in which case, you should come to Moms & Movers instead!) Never done a yoga class? There's a first time for everything.

Moms and Movers Yoga in Kitchener

Moms & Movers: The best kind of chaos - nurture yourself with a safe and challenging yoga practice while the kids crawl and toddle around us. You may get climbed on or under, but you will leave class feeling better than when you started. Dads are welcome too!! (Are you having to spend too much of your Mom & Baby class chasing your suddenly mobile little one before they poke that newborn baby in the face? Graduate to Moms & Movers, where all the babies are in the same crazy boat.)

Mavens for Mama: Join Mavens for Mama the FIRST THURSDAY of each month to talk all things Mama. Mavens for Mama founder Jessika Marie, WMN's WRK facilitator, health coach and mother of three will create a space for reflection, mentoring, education and candid conversation. We will navigate the complexities and the opportunities for healing and growth that are available to us through our motherhood journey. We need our TRIBE more than ever for support and of course a good belly laugh now and then! Moms of all stages welcome! Babies welcome!

What do I need to bring?

We provide yoga mats for free, because we think you have enough else to carry and remember, though if you have your own mat that you like, by all means bring it. Maybe just bring a receiving blanket to put over one of our blankets to lay your baby on. Wear something you feel comfortable in. Bring a water bottle if you like, or we have a Brita and cups.

What if my baby cries?

You’re in a space where everyone is a mom and gets it. Some weeks work better then others. Sometimes you’ll spend half the class holding or feeding your baby, but you still got out of the house and did half a class! I’d consider that a win.

How does it work though?

For the Mom & Baby classes, we put a blanket in front of your mat for your baby (or if they are asleep in their bucket seat, that’s okay too.) It’s a class for you, and we offer options to include the babies if they are wanting to be held. They inevitably interrupt the class to be fed/held/changed and you just do what you can. Any yoga is better then no yoga. For the Moms & Movers class, we set up the yoga mats in a circle around a big blanket with toys and the babies/toddlers play and create mischief while the parents do yoga. It’s not the most relaxing class, but it’s pretty hilarious.

Do you have somewhere I can change a diaper or feed my baby?

We have a change table in the bathroom (or do it mid-class in the studio if it’s not a gross one.) Feed your baby wherever you feel comfortable, on your mat, sitting leaning on the wall, or in one of our comfy chairs.

Do i need to sign up in advance?

We set up the room for however many mamas have said they were coming, but if signing up online is a hurdle or you last minute realize you can make it, just come. We will always make space.