Workshop: How to Fall Safely

Sunday, Jan. 13th from 3:00-4:30pm, $30 | with Manuela soares

Don’t be scared - be prepared! When we lose our footing - whether on icy ground, in the shower, or on uneven pavement - it's our stabilizing muscles that need to spring into action to help us regain our balance. However, these small muscles are often underused in our daily lives and lose strength over time, and we don't realize they have been neglected until we injure ourselves! In this workshop, we are going to wake up those sleeping muscles, learning exercises to balance, stabilize, mobilize and strengthen, re-training our body to engage them automatically. We're even going to practice falling! {Falling will be practiced in a VERY safe way and you will only do the parts that you are comfortable doing - there are SO many options!} Empower yourself to step out into the winter world without fear of falling.

Manuela Soares has been working in the fitness industry since 2002 and is passionate about holistic well-being. Every day she sees people limited by pain or movement restriction, usually due to injury or habitual improper movement or posture. Her breadth of experience in mindful and functional movement helps students regain control of their lives and prepare for a strong future. Her classes encompass alignment-based exercises, which come from a variety of methods including Pilates, strength training, Feldenkrais, and ELDOA techniques, with personalized attention to help her students optimize their movement.