Wrist complaints are common in pregnancy and postpartum, whether from excess fluid causing carpal tunnel syndrome or the repetitive strain of holding your baby in awkward positions (or like I'm discovering lately, spending too much time thumb typing on a smartphone!)  

Here is one of my favourite wrist stretches:

Wrist Stretch
  • Make a fist with your thumb on the inside.

  • Bend at the wrist drawing fist towards forearm and use your other hand to support it in that position for as long as feels good.

  • Then open your fingers wide and close them into a fist a few times.


If these days when you wake up, your hand is still asleep, you may find it helps to wear a wrist brace while sleeping (or feeding your baby) that supports the wrist in a neutral position. Be mindful of repetitive movements or sustained positions where the wrist is bent as these can exacerbate and contribute to wrist pain. Try a semi-reclined or lying down breastfeeding position or create support with pillows or a rolled up receiving blanket under your wrist. It's worth taking a moment to set yourself up to be as comfy as possible and your body will thank you in the long run! Using a carrier (even around the house) will help take the load out of your wrists. Notice if you're typing with your wrists flexed and adjust (Is it ironic that I'm posting this from my iPhone?) Awareness is the first step to shifting a pattern and finding relief. 

What has helped alleviate your wrist pain? Please share below!