This morning, Lee and I went for an epic walk (because I am determined to find a home for Amma Yoga!) It was interesting to explore on foot some areas that I have only ever driven through. No major aha moments, except that the perfect move to inspire you with today is the one where you put one foot in front of the other! 

Get outside and enjoy this gorgeous day! Run an errand on foot that you usually use the car for. Let your little one set the pace. Seize a break to wander to a favourite coffee shop or park or somewhere new. Kick through a pile of leaves instead of skirting around it. Get off the bus a few stops early and walk the rest of the way home. Stroll and reconnect with your partner before launching into dinner prep and the evening routine. Take the fussy baby for a walk. Let the kids roam. Race them to the swings. Pause and take a deep breath of fresh air. Let that breeze invigorate you. Exhale whatever you need to let go of. Everything feels easier outside, especially when the sun is shining.

And while you're walking, stand a little taller. Breathe fullness into your upper back. Connect with strength around your middle. Notice if your shoulders are rounding forwards and fight that habit (especially if you're wearing a carrier.) Open up across your chest. Let your heart shine like the Autumn sun.