This may seem like an obvious one, but cat pose should be in everyone's daily repertoire! Before you climb out of bed in the morning, while you pick up toys or connect with your little one, as you unwind in the evening - take a moment to show your spine some love. 

Come onto all fours, hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Pad those knees with a blanket or pillow if the floor feels hard. Press the ground away and round your back, letting your head hang and scooping your invisible tail down.

Cat pose

Then do the opposite and lengthen your spine, melting your chest down and forwards and gazing ahead. Move between these positions as you breathe, exhaling to round and inhaling to lengthen.

Cow pose

Allow the movement to ripple down your spine vertebrae by vertebrae, from your tailbone to the top of your neck. Play with which body part begins the movement - how does it feel different if your head initiates the journey or if it starts by shifting your pelvis.

Oh dear, look at that doming belly! The pointed shape points to a diastasis. More info on this to come!

Oh dear, look at that doming belly! The pointed shape points to a diastasis. More info on this to come!

Now this is important: create some stability around your middle; don't just let your inner organs sag with gravity. Pull your front hip bones towards each other and keep that gentle engagement as you breathe. This is crucial if you have the weight of a growing baby adding strain to your abdominals - hug your baby up towards your spine. All fours is great for helping optimally position that baby but can contribute to abdominal separation (a topic we will come back to! If you notice your belly doming (looking pointy) in this or any position, drop me a line and I can send you more info!)

If there's a baby hanging out on the floor, place your arms on either side of them and delight them with funny faces and hair swooshing. If your kid is watching, he might climb on your back and make you the mommy gorilla.

Move however it feels good to move.

Let deep breaths soothe your busy mind.

Baby gorilla.

Baby gorilla.