Sarah McCartney teaches Kids Yoga on Tuesdays from 4:15-5:00pm.

Yoga has many benefits and anyone can do it. For kids, it's a great way to learn new tools that they can use every day. From my experience working with children in many different atmospheres, I strongly believe that yoga is for all kids!

Here are my top 5 benefits of yoga for kids:

1. Learn breathing techniques for everyday situations: Balloon breathing is a technique I teach to help children learn to take deep inhales and exhales to calm and relax their bodies and minds. They can use this technique to calm their minds before a test or to relax their bodies before bed.

2. Increase focus: Balancing poses in yoga such as Tree and Airplane help to build concentration. Counting while trying to hold a pose can help kids to clear their minds and learn to stay focused.

3. Build creativity: In class, I like to give kids the opportunity to make up their own poses. They can choose how a dinosaur might move and breathe or how a ballerina might dance across the mat. Encouraging children to express themselves helps to build confidence and nurtures their creativity.

4. Release stress and anxiety: Kids are expected to do so much in our busy world that they can feel stressed and anxious. Yoga has been shown to help release this pressure so they can feel better. By learning different poses and breathing techniques they will have tools to rise to life's challenges.

5. Any child can do it and have fun: Yoga has so many variations that we can teach little yogis of all different physical and mental abilities. Everyone can do yoga and have lots of fun! I love to incorporate singing, games and stories into all of my kids classes!!

amma yoga has a very welcoming atmosphere for families that includes an area where kids can play before class and build new friendships. It's my goal every class to engage all my little yogis so they will have a wonderful experience and will want to come back every week!! Hope to see your little yogis on Tuesdays!

Sarah McCartney

Bring a friend to their first Kids or Teen Yoga class for free for the whole month of July!

Bring a friend to their first Kids or Teen Yoga class for free for the whole month of July!