It's been a quiet Sunday following a whirlwind week and I think I've finally caught my breath. One of my favourite questions to ask my 5 year old is, "what stood out about today?" This seems like a good moment to turn that question around on myself and my first week in business:

1. Gratitude. Our opening day was everything I could have hoped for, and would not have been possible without all the generous hearts and helping hands that had my back. My team jumped right in the deep end on that busy Tuesday morning, seeing what needed doing and doing it, navigating technical difficulties and making sure every person who walked in the door felt welcome. They were brave and wonderful. My dear friend Maryrose from Bailey's Local Foods organized the yummy spread and kept everyone fed all day long. My mum made sure my kids felt loved at all times while I was busy. My dad showed up with flowers and pride in his eyes. It goes without saying that Paz has been an amazing support at home and in the studio. Prior to the big day, when we were all sick, two of my brothers (& a soon to be sis-in-law) came to my rescue and happily let me boss them around, hanging shelves and doing all sorts of finishing touches that were weighing on my mind. Catherine Mellinger in the midst of grant season was at the space hanging a beautiful show of her works and her husband Joel built me a bench! Friends have been so generous with spreading the word about amma, and so many lovely people came in to check us out on that first day. I'm humbled to witness the beginnings of this community taking root. 

2. Patience. It was surreal to shift from the vibrant bustle of opening day to the eerie quiet of that snow-covered Wednesday. Though I expect it to take time for people to think of us and incorporate the classes into their routines, there is vulnerability in waiting. 

3. Pause. There is always more to do. Sometimes I need to stop everything and play dinosaurs on the carpet with Leela, or cuddle up and read a book. When she's glued to my hip and I'm focused on a task, I forget that if I pause and fill her bucket, then she'll actually play independently and give me the space I need. If I'm not careful, it's always going to be "just a minute...just a minute" and then before I know it she'll be a year older and I missed it. 

4. Have fun! Speaking of Lee, one day this week we were on our way to pick up Z at school and she wanted to walk. Tromping down the sidewalk, she declared, "Yay, this is fun!" This walk we've done a million times, on this dreary day - to her it was a grand adventure. "Look! A stick! I found it!" I want to find magic in the mundane. It's too easy to wallow in stress. I choose joy.

And right now I choose to put away my laptop and watch House of Cards on Netflix. ;)