Allie teaches Lunch-break Yoga on Mondays from 12:30-1:15pm.

I’m grateful to have this kick-ass team of teachers leading great classes and shining their light at amma, and I thought you might enjoy getting to know them better! Have you met Allie yet? Her Lunch-break Yoga class will help you de-stress and re-energize for the rest of the day. 

What do you love about practicing yoga?

I like seizing the chance to slow down and notice what is going on with me - if I'm tired or energetic, what my actual mood is. In class, I can forget about the details of that day and just think about standing on my left leg. It gives me a focal point. I feel lighter afterwards. I get a second wind by allowing myself that break. 

What are some of the other hats you wear?

Well, I work in software development. I’ve been working on my coding skills to write developer documentation. I also play the cello in the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra.

What's something most people don’t know about you?

I love reading cookbooks from front to back but never actually make the things.

What's the last great thing you read?

Iq84 by Haruki Marukami. Every time I had a spare 10 minutes I was reading it. 

What’s one of your favourite gems in DTK?

I really like the Apollo Cinema. It combines all the best things about watching a movie at home and in the theatre. 

What’s your ‘hood and what do you love about it?

Duke Street - Mt. Hope & Breithaupt. We have the CSA. The Mount Hope Cemetery is one of my favourite places to walk. It’s a really eclectic kind of neighbourhood. There’s this mix of former industrial buildings, a firehall converted into a dance studio, and wild tangles of gardens.

What will your students love about your class?

I like a lunchtime yoga practice because I get tired of sitting. It’s like recess. Moving your body around gets your blood flowing and sets you up for a great afternoon.  

Save your place for Lunch-break Yoga, & we'll have your mat all set up and ready for you to dash in and seize that break. You can even grab a coffee, tea or treat to bring back to the office.