In an inching forward line of cars destined for Kiwanis Pool, it seemed we weren't original in our plan of how to beat the sweltering heat. Practically parked, the wrong child was nodding off and the baby began singing a high pitched "nooooooooo...."

Finally the entrance was in sight. A sign listed the admission prices, and I hoped the delay could be partially explained by processing card payments, as I realized I didn't have cash. Luckily, they accept debit and credit. 

I was given red wristbands for the kids, mandatory for children 6 and under, indicating that someone 12 and over must be within arms reach on the deep side of the black line (with a 2:1 adult:child ratio). Kids aged 7-9 who pass a swim test may remove the band and swim freely. Children with wristbands can play solo in the water if they stay on the shallow side of the black line and a person 12 and over is providing direct supervision at all times. I remember all of these details because the rules were announced OFTEN.


Admission Prices:

  • Adult: $5.75

  • Children (0-17): $3.75

  • Seniors (55+): $3.75

  • Twilight Family (after 5pm): $13.00

* Daily and weekend passes offered at other City of Kitchener pools are not valid at Kiwanis Park. 

Even though the park was packed, there was ample parking. Once through the gate, big old trees provided glorious shade all around the pool, which resembles a circular, paved lake with a gradual slope. 

The kids buzzed restlessly as we got settled and slathered on sunscreen. The water looked wonderful and waiting is hard! I kicked myself for not thinking to bring water toys. Next time I'm coming equipped with inflatable fun. While we were getting ready, a whistle sounded and safety check commenced, requiring everyone to vacate the pool. Over a loud speaker, a lifeguard read the long list of rules with an amusing hint of distain in her voice. Did you know that BBQ coals dumped in a garbage can smell really bad? 

The water was cold but marvellous. We splashed around until the next mandatory safety check kicked us out of the pool.

Bring cash for ice-cream (the snack bar is cash only.) Little hearts were broken by our lack of planning. There's a great looking play structure we didn't have time to check out. Next visit I'm bringing a picnic and staying all day (or coming after 5pm on a humid evening for the Twilight Family Special.) This is what summer is for.