This one is for the mamas, who spend much of their days (and nights) rounded around little people, though chest openers are beneficial to anyone. As our body grows accustomed to slouching, our pectoral muscles shorten, which makes it even harder to straighten up. We need to gently and frequently remind those tight muscles to lengthen.

Doorway Pec Stretch (back)

Yoga can be seized in moments and interspersed throughout your busy day; no special equipment required - just remembering to move your body! Next time you're walking through a doorway with two free hands, catch the frame with your forearms on both sides.

Doorway Pec Stretch (front)

Lengthen your waist from your hips to your armpits. Hug your shoulder blades down away from your ears and towards each other. Soften your front ribs in if they're jutting forwards. Coax your chest open. Hang out here for as long as feels good (or until you're interrupted!)

Doorway Chest Opener (close)

Reenter the grind standing a little taller and breathing a little deeper. Each small choice to nurture yourself adds up to big change.