Have you been wanting to try yoga? You’ve come to the right place!


Getting Started:

When coming to your first class, please do your best to get here 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. This will give you time to find us in a relaxed way (our front door faces Breithaupt Street; no need to enter the main building), fill out our new student waiver and make yourself at home.

Wear clothes you feel comfortably moving in; no need for a special shopping trip. Yoga is usually practiced barefoot. If you have a water bottle you like, bring it along. Otherwise, we have cups.

Don’t have a mat? No problem! We provide yoga and any props you might need. If you sign up for class online, the instructor will set up a spot for you, so you can just walk in and exhale. If you don’t have a chance to check in online, don’t let that stop you - we’ll always make space.

What If I Can’t Do The Poses?

Every body is different and our teachers do their best to make yoga accessible to everyone. Being able to touch your toes is not a prerequisite for yoga! There are ways to adapt the poses or use props creatively, and our teachers like to offer options so you can do what feels right in your body. There is a first time for everything, so bring your sense of humour and don’t be intimidated if everyone around you knows what “downward dog” means. Before you know it, the shapes and transitions will become familiar. Yoga is all about the process, not the end result. Explore the poses with awareness, and if something doesn’t feel right, ease off and feel free to ask your instructor for advice.

All the instructors have their own style and some classes move faster than others. If you’d like help figuring out which classes might be a good starting place, please email thea@ammayoga.ca. If daytimes work well, Jyoti and Sandra are great with beginners, and Julie’s Wednesday evening class is a treat. Gentle Yoga on Sunday mornings is as nice as it sounds, and Restorative Yoga is like a guided nap for an hour. We have an introductory special of $20 for 2 weeks unlimited, so that’s a nice excuse to try a bunch of classes and see what you like. Check out the current weekly schedule here.

So where do I start?

Getting started is easy! You can create your account online and check into your first class using the link below, or just come to the studio 15 minutes before the class you choose and our helpful staff will get you signed up and ready to go!

See you on the mat!