Sunday, Jan. 21, 1:00-3:00 | $25 early-bird ($30 after Jan. 7)

with Kendra Hinton


In this workshop, we will explore the states of consciousness you flow through in yoga nidra and the experiences you may encounter. We will journey through gentle yoga movement and a yoga nidra guided meditation, followed by reflection and discussion.

Yoga nidra or “yogic sleep” allows your body to enter into meditative states using much less effort then more commonly practiced meditations. This practice provides deep relaxation and helps relieve chronic stress, reduce or eliminate insomnia, resolve ambivalence, improve memory, strengthen your immune system, increase mental health, cultivate empathy and provide overall wellbeing. 

From Kendra: I have been drawn to yoga nidra in many ways. I have an eagerness to learn which has inspired me to become a nurse and as I begin my career I strive to maintain my fitness to practice. Yoga nidra has been a fantastic tool in supporting me in finding full relaxation, and helping me as I strive to maintain clarity. Clarity has been my intention for the past year, and will probably continue into the year to come. There is an abundance of peer-reviewed literature that supports the positive effects of yoga nidra, and as I study, the more I realize how supportive it is to my intention. There are many days when I have experienced a full nights sleep and woke up feeling just as drained as when my head hit the pillow. It is those moments when I re-evaluate why, and reflect on the multifaceted elements of relaxation. Taking the time to incorporate yoga nidra into my day helps me process, and relax on a mental, physical and emotional level. The practice can even help improve your memory. I look forward to sharing my love for yoga nidra in my upcoming workshop, and expand your understanding of the experience