Sunday, October 22nd, 2:30-4:00pm | with Kendra Hinton

$25 early-bird ($30 after Oct. 1st)

In this workshop we will explore the theory of yoga nidra, enjoy gentle yoga movement followed by a yoga nidra guided meditation. We will finish off with reflection, and you are invited to stay for complimentary refreshments.


Yoga nidra means “yogic sleep” or “one pointed awareness sleep.” This guided meditation practice flows through a sequence of elements including setting your sankalpa or resolve, a rotation of consciousness or body scan, awareness of breath, awareness of sensation or exploration of opposites, exploration of inner space, visualization and finishes with returning to your resolve. This practice helps to relieve chronic stress, reduce or eliminate insomnia, resolve ambivalence, improve mental health and wellbeing, and is deeply relaxing. It is said that one hour of yoga nidra is comparable to four hours of sleep.