Do you have questions about how a doula might help you navigate the transformations of pregnancy, birth and parenthood?

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Our birth doula packages are customizable to meet your needs, but generally include the following:

  • Unlimited prenatal yoga at the studio
  • Two prenatal visits to get acquainted and plan for the birth and postpartum transition
  • Unlimited email, text, phone and Skype support - there are no dumb questions!
  • Access to resources and lending library of books
  • Back-up doula to guarantee support even in exceptional circumstances
  • From 37 weeks, 24 hour on call care
  • Physical, emotional and informational labour support from as soon as needed until after the birth
  • Postpartum follow up visit
  • Continued unlimited access to key information and empathy throughout postpartum period and beyond

Each woman's birth story is unique. Labour is unpredictable and we can't control everything that happens, but we can be equipped with tools and empowered to roll with it. Your doula will help you identify your priorities and problem solve how you'll adapt if things don't go your way. Doulas also support partners to more effectively be there for the women they love, freeing them to be more present and participate at whatever their comfort level. It's crucial that you feel safe, supported and heard while in labour. Your caregivers' primary responsibility is yours and your baby's physical well being. A doula has your back on all other levels, and provides continuous care through the entire labour until after the baby is born. Doulas help mamas and babies get off to the best possible start.

The first step is a no obligation coffee date with a doula from our team. She'll meet you in your favourite cafe or in your home to chat about your birth, answer your questions and see if she might be the right fit to support you through this important transition. Drop us a line if you're interested in setting up a meeting or have any questions about what doulas do. 

Thea Mistry is a DONA certified doula, committed to helping women have satisfying birth experiences on their own terms. amma yoga is building a team of exceptional birth and postpartum doulas, so that every pregnant woman may find the right support for her. 

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"Finding the right words to thank you could take up the space of a novel or just eight simple words - we couldn't have done it without you. Your ability to seamlessly blend into the ups and downs of one of the most intimate moments of our lives; your warmth and openness with every member of our family; your sparkling energy and the constant reminder to keep on the path we laid out to make this most special of days our own. All of this is s testament to your exceptional talent as a doula. We are so grateful that you accompanied us every step of the way in this crazy long journey that ended in the birth of our beautiful daughter."

"Conrad and I couldn't even begin to imagine going through this process without Thea by our side every second. I think somehow I got more sleep then she did! She was a constant companion and cheerleader and even when things took a different turn than I had originally anticipated she was always there to offer counsel and confirm that only I could know what was best for my body, my birth, and my baby. She helped us have all the confidence in the world with every decision we made. I couldn't be more grateful. She's been adopted into the family after that whole experience!"

"I was not one of those people that knew I needed a doula... now I can't imagine having a baby without one. I met Thea as my prenatal yoga instructor. As she taught me about what a doula is, I knew she had to be present through my pregnancy and birth. I will never forget crying at our first meeting in a coffee shop with happiness and relief that someone was going to be there not only for me but also for my husband. Thea taught me everything I needed to know about labour. But more importantly, she told me funny stories at 2am to distract me from the intensifying contractions. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge and the giggles."

"I can't put in words how great it was to have Thea as my doula. She was always there there I needed, including the days before and after my girl was born. She gave me confidence to remain calm even when labour seemed to have no end. I remember her sweet smile and her saying I was doing great. It felt like she was part of my family. She had every detail under control. My husband was incredibly amazed how gifted she is. His words were she does her job with love."