Yoga just for you:

Yoga: Each of our excellent teachers brings her own style to class, and all are gifted at making yoga accessible for beginners and engaging for the more experienced. Classes are fun, challenging, nurturing and un-pretentious. Some classes tend to be more gentle, while others are more energizing - if you would like help figuring out which teacher might be a good fit for your needs, please email or phone 519-588-8432.

Friday Flow: A great way to end your week and start your weekend off right. A fun and high energy music playlist will guide you through this one hour flow, and your energy will likely follow suit. Move at your own pace and options will be offered to make this class as challenging or laid back as you choose. Come prepared to have fun.

Flow & Slow: Whether you only have enough time to hit one class this week or you just like a little variety, Flow & Slow is the class for you. This class is split in half to get you warmed up with an active practice to start and wind down with some nice juicy restorative poses to end. 

Gentle Practice: An introspective class that arcs between easeful exploration, gentle movement and supported postures. A slower pace allows for mindful strength building, self nourishment and space to notice sensations shift. 

Restorative: Let go of all effort and hit your body's reset button, in this slow, quiet and nurturing practice that uses all the props. 

Prenatal: Yoga in pregnancy is a wonderful tool to adapt to the challenges of your ever-changing body, release tension and build strength in preparation for birth and parenting. It also helps you connect with your breath and your instincts in a way that is totally relevant to birth (and life!) 

Yoga for you (with your little one):

Mom & Baby Yoga: This class is for you, mama. Ease the aches and build strength to rise to the new challenges of caring for this little baby. Designed to nurture and energize you from around 6 weeks postpartum until your baby is crawling all over the place (in which case, you should come to Moms & Movers instead!) Never done a yoga class? There's a first time for everything.

Moms & Movers: The best kind of chaos - nurture yourself with a safe and challenging yoga practice while the kids crawl and toddle around us. You may get climbed on or under, but you will leave class feeling better then when you started. Dads are welcome too!! (Are you having to spend too much of your Mom & Baby class chasing your suddenly mobile little one before they poke that newborn baby in the face? Graduate to Moms & Movers, where all the babies are in the same crazy boat.)

Yoga fun for your kids:

Tots Yoga: This fun, silly and soothing class is designed for your energetic toddler or preschooler. Have you ever noticed how many yoga poses are inspired by animals? Tots love to roar and meow and move their bodies. Parents/care-givers play along.

Kids Yoga: Yoga is an empowering tool for kids, who are learning so much every day about themselves and their world. The Tuesday class is intended for ages 4-7, and Wednesday's is geared to ages 8-11; as they mature and develop, so will their yoga practice. With a focus on balance and coordination, we will work on poses that are fun and energizing, as well as learning breathing exercises and tools for calming down. We also like to play yoga-inspired games, design obstacle courses and create our own poses. 

Yoga for the whole family:

Family Yoga: Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means "union". All yoga classes have the foundation of union in them but none quite like a family class. Strengthen, build and nurture your special connection with family members by participating in this dynamic class. This class is geared toward school aged children (but younger ones are welcome) and their family members and incorporates story, games, partner yoga poses and time to connect with each other through mindfulness activities. Only one class pass is used per family.

Questions? Email or call us. We love to hear from you.